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I am a principal and lead engineer with over 30 years of commercial software experience. For over 25 years I have been writing embedded systems software much of that software has been focused on the telecommunications, networking business, semiconductors and other time and performance critical applications. In addition to traditional embedded software I design FPGAs, ASICs and have developed co-simulation environments.

I have worked on many software developments from medical devices, software controlled power supplies, ATM to Ethernet and DSL to testing of SONET and SDH networks and GPS. I have designed and implemented many embedded device drivers, some small custom RTOSes and schedulers and have even done several system architectures. I have been writing and selling commercially software since I was 16 years old. More recently I have added some more windows driver experience. I also have Verilog and VHDL experience and have more involved with the digital hardware design and verification of the ASICs and FPGAs in last many years.

I am a firm believer in the proverb… If you want something done, ask a busy person. I am that busy person by choice.

University of California Courses

Device Software Engineering and Embedded Systems Engineering

In addition to my regular job responsibilities as a Chief Software Architect for Vubiq Networks Inc., I also have been teaching a University of California Irvine as an extension instructor in their Embedded Systems Engineer Certification and Device Software Engineering Certificate programs. I developed and am teaching six regular courses “C for Embedded Systems”, “C++ for Embedded Systems”, “Writing Portable Device Drivers”, “Embedded Linux Driver Primer”, “Integrated Embedded Software Successfully” and “FPGA Design with Hardware Description Languages”. I have taught most my classes on campus, and all of them on online as well as on site at several area companies through UCI. I taught and developed all of my classes have been well received by the students and the university and I look forward to the continuing challenge. I am working with the university to develop more classes and have also done several webinars for UCI.

9th Software Design for Medical Devices(flash based) Presented at the conference - Getting Embedded SW Working on the 1st time

November 27 - 29, 2007 · The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, CA

Training / Custom Training / Semi-Custom Training / Embedded Software Instruction 

I developed a series of classes on Embedded Systems, Embedded Device Drivers, Hardware Software Co-Simulation, Co-Verification and Co-Debug. I am developed online and offline version of the courses. If you or your company is seeking training, custom or semi-custom training in these areas or more contact me for more information. If you live in Southern California you are welcome to sign up for one of my UCI classes or I can do something oriented more towards your specific needs. Much of my former students and sought me out to teach them again and again.

Here is what some of my former (and repeat) students have said…

If you are interested in custom courses or for me to develop a corporate training program contact email me at aebaranoff@gmail.com or work with UCI and request Aaron Baranoff.

Some of the additional technical areas that can be covered are…

·         Real Time Operating Systems

·         Verilog for C programmers

·         SystemC

·         SPIRIT IP-XACT


Some questions that can be answered…

·         Why can’t we get the performance and reliability out of system?

·         Do I need that RTOS and which one?

·         How do we code so we are not handcuffed to a specific RTOS or CPU?

·         How can I lower project risk while not working 24/7 for months or longer?


For more details of my experience and background see my resume.

Here is an embedded systems blog I have started and have not had much time to work on: http://baranoff.typepad.com/bitmines/

My LinkedIn website http://www.linkedin.com/in/baranoff.

My resume is available so people can see what I am up to with my career: Resume

My home energy efficiency project: http://baranoff.typepad.com/cheaper_electric/

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