The facts of Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita (Orange County, California) Arrest and Plea and Behavior

This is me protecting my family and reputation from this criminal and his lies

(All linked documents were gotten through the Orange County Court and were available to the public at the time or via the OCSD by request at least until Joseph Mark Wexler had his criminal record expunged to try and fail to hide the truth)

This is the timeline of events…

·       2010: Joseph Mark Wexler commit crimes (lies & recants) & plea to the charges, Joseph Mark Wexler has a restraining order issued against him and along the way lies and recants (see below)

·       2011: Joseph Mark Wexler lied to the OCSD in regards to the restraining order  (see below)

·       2012: In court under oath says he is moving out of Rancho Santa Margarita  (see below)

·       2013: Joseph Mark Wexler lied and did not move out of Rancho Santa Margarita, tries to restrain me the victim of his crimes from telling the truth, the he hides his court records via expunging them (see below)

·       2014: Joseph Mark Wexler give threat of a suit to hide facts (see below)


Public records – Police reports, Plea Agreement, Transcripts of the December 5, 2012 hearing


Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita being arrested (later convicted of illegal entry and vandalism)

2010 (the initial crimes):

FACT: My family and I were the victims Joseph Mark Wexler’s crimes (which he pled to). Below are the facts that are backed by public documentation (except where noted).

FACT: The OCSD and the DA’s office and the victim advocacy folks at the first hearing I went to suggested that I document everything… So I did first all the costs, then all lies and then all the ongoing saga that became this website.

FACT: You can learn all there is to know about Joseph Mark Wexler via his interactions with the Orange County Sherriff’s Department and Orange County Courts see the following OCSD reports also see is court records:

·         10-027779

·         11-023491

·         12-186079

FACT: As a victim, I do not have to take Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita trying to hide his crimes that he pled to (see his own plea agreement). You would not likely be able to find out about his crimes or plea unless I posted the information. Since, most court sites data is not findable via web search engines and now he had his record expunged.

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita, California was arrested for illegal entry and vandalism of my home (see above photo and plea agreement and below from the OCSD report 10-027779, below is relevant section).

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita, California lied to the police initially and recanted his story when he was caught in a lie (see OCSD report). From the OCSD officer’s report, “I spoke to Wexler again and he initially told me he had not entered Baranoff's residence. I asked Wexler if his fingerprints would be found on the damaged radio and he said, "Well, they may be on the radio." Wexler recanted his story and told me he entered Baranoff's house” (see OCSD report 10-027779, below is relevant section). See Joseph Mark Wexler’s own words to the OCSD documenting his lie and recanting of the lie.

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita, California as part of his plea agreement agreed to the following statement “I understand that I am pleading no contest and admitting the following offenses, prior convictions, and special punishment allegations…”  The crimes were as follows…


COUNT 1: On or about February 13, 2010, in violation of Section 602.5(a) of the Penal Code (UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY OF A DWELLING)

COUNT 2: On or about February 13, 2010, in violation of Sections 594 (a)/ (b)(2)(A) of the Penal Code (VANDALISM UNDER $400)


Joseph Mark Wexler admitted to the above offenses, signs the plea agreement (see his own plea agreement and above OCSD report).


FACT: I filed and won a restraining order against Joseph Mark Wexler of Rancho Santa Margarita, California to keep him away from me and my family. (See look under civil proceedings). That restraining order ended in March 2013.

FACT: While serving the restraining order paperwork someone at Joseph Wexlers’s home someone lied and claimed we are not the Wexler’s we are the Johnson’s.

Note: Joseph Wexler no longer lives at that address although he did at that time.


FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler still has no remorse and does not understand why I would need a video camera (see OCSD case 11-023491).

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler attempted to take a photograph of me despite being ordered not to stalk, harass, or keep under surveillance me or my family (see OCSD case 11-023491).  Joseph Mark Wexler was ordered via restraining order not to harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault, hit, follow, stalk, destroy personal property, keep under surveillance, or block movements (section 6-a of Court Order) in addition that order states he is not to communicate with me or my family (see OCSD case 11-023491).

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler he tried to attack the cameras with a laser pointer proving he is a liar and has no self-control or respect for the law (see OCSD case 11-023491).

FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler is antagonistic and the only reaction he will get is documenting his activities so that anyone who deals with him will see the real Joseph Mark Wexler (see OCSD case 11-023491).



FACT: In court under oath Joseph Mark Wexler stated the following…


              Well… he moved within Rancho Santa Margarita he moved into a rental property next door to a friend of ours.



FACT: Joseph Mark Wexler via his lawyers is trying to throw out facts as hearsay and misstatements. Such as the following even though I had papers served on Joseph Wexler at his new home in Rancho Santa Margarita.

              (Cut and pasted from the December 5th 2012 court transcripts see full transcripts below)


This was Joseph Wexler’s response…

You can see he is selectively ignoring his own court statements. “Rancho Santa Margarita” or “City” became “neighborhood”.

This was the words from the court transcript (defendant = Joseph Wexler) …

He was even given an opportunity to correct himself in case he did not understand…

Fact: Joseph Wexler lied he moved to Calle Estero Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. This is where I had papers served on him by the OCSD. Note: he has since moved and but still lives in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Fact: Joseph Wexler via his attorneys successfully stopped me a victim of his crimes from extending the restraining order. I respectfully disagreed with the courts. His actions show you why the court was wrong. During this same hearing his attorneys tried to file a restraining order against me which included trying to prevent facts from being available to the public via this website the judge did not want to hear about the website which has been talked about several times in court so, this website will remain. (I am not sure if the restraining order has been expunged but here it is in Public records).

Fact: Joseph Wexler had his record expunged (12/06/2013). This only applies to the court records not the public records I already have and does not change the facts (that would be revisionist history).





Fact: Case 14-020090 filed with the OCSD about crank calls.

Fact: Threated to sue to hide the facts.


Why the restraining orders should be available to the victims and their families for life.

Fact (without witnesses): Several month after the restraining order expired on May 19, 2013 (@ about 10:30 am near the Arroyo Vista park in Rancho Santa Margarita) he saw an opportunity to harass me and try to instigate a fight as he put it without witnesses or cameras while I was out walking my dog. I walked away. I will use this site to document his actions even though there were no witnesses to act as a public blog of his actions. So, if any event was to occur it acts as documentation of the events. If anyone saw this man push me please contact me or the OCSD, so I may report this criminal again to the police.

Fact (documented on emails forwarded to the OCSD, Yahoo, Gmail and possibly others reported the email address as spam): On July 16th, 2013 I had received emails from someone claiming Joseph Wexler and someone claiming to be a friend (Myles Balboni) of his (cannot confirm it was him and a friend of his) saying that Joseph Wexler was on step 9 of a 12 step program. You cannot be at step 9 if you don’t take start with admission, and not trying to deny fault and responsibility and lying to the courts. The emails contained racist and crude comments and the usual lies they were forwarded to yahoo and the OCSD and an admission that he violated the restraining order and some nastiness about the OCSD and the DA who prosecuted him. He also claims he now lives out of state (which I didn’t believe). Also, he threatens to contact my employers I have let security and management know about him at all my employers. Note: I believe he purchased a house again in Rancho Santa Margarita (good luck to his new neighbors including our friends in that neighborhood) so either he lied again or someone else lied on his behalf. Again public records.

Fact: Case 14-020090 filed with the OCSD about crank calls.


Much of the public records on this website Joseph Wexler and his attorneys want to call hearsay or misstatement or object to…

If you cannot fight facts you ask to have the court ignore them (Joseph Wexler via his attorneys tried to object to the facts see the case). I know the law allows for this but I want the facts to remain findable. Objecting to the facts being included in the hearing does not make them go away it only shows you don’t want the world to know about them. Also, it does not change the fact that they are facts.

With the help of his lawyers he tried (and failed) to file a restraining order against (see 30-2013-00625615-CU-HR-HLH me a victim of his crimes to prevent the documenting and posting Joseph Wexler lies and info regarding Joseph Wexler’s public criminal records and documenting facts of these cases. The court has aware of this website since the 1st restitution hearing. 


On January 23, 2013 the court decided to not extend the restraining order at this time because he is no longer our neighbor.
Despite claiming he was going to moving and not doing so…

To learn more about the facts and about the man Joseph Wexler his Orange County California case number is 10SM00974. Or see his plea agreement  the official case history was removed because he had his record expunged to hide the truth.

Note: The above photo shot on a public street from private property of Joseph Mark Wexler being arrested (news in the quiet Rancho Santa Margarita community and before I filed the restraining order).  All data is publicly is now available on the web via this site and others and additional information is was available at the court house at time I got the records and truth cannot be denied. I waited until he plead before created this website.


FACTS are never slander or perjury

I recommend you do a background check on ALL employees (all contractors and “consultants”)

Thank You to the OCSD

Although all the facts are as seen from my own person perspective they are all backed by events and/or documentation.


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