It is time for victims to formally have even more rights than the IDIOT criminals
I believe criminals should have rights but once the trials are over it victims’ rights are key.

Victims of crimes should not have convictions and plea bargains hidden from plain site.
This translates to more victimization. 

Victims should have the last word before a criminal record is expunged.

Victims should never have to worry about a criminal approaching them or their family again for life.

Lets work to extend Marsy’s Law to protect the victim’s even more clearly

·         I would like to make it so the conviction and plea agreements are not hidden behind captchas so, the criminals cannot hide the actions so deep on the wen that search engines cannot find them. (For example let’s make all the convictions and plea agreements on the occourts website findable via all the search engines).


·         Because now via companies like and these criminals are re-branding themselves as upstanding citizens which is victimizing the victims again. All their websites should clearly state their crimes including a pointer to their conviction and plea.


·         Victims should have the last word before a criminal record is expunged.


·         Also, criminals should not be allowed to sue or restrain their victims without the criminal court's approval and without them putting up the money upfront for lawyer’s fees for their victims.


·         Victims and their families should be granted restraining orders against the criminals who commits the crimes against them for as long as they wish.


·         Victims should and do own the right to point at the criminal for as long as they wish and say they did that to me. Yes, we have that right but criminals with money try to take it away.


·         Victims should be able to distribute the case info as many as they want for whatever reason they want. Yes, we have that right but criminals with money try to take it away.


It is also, time for companies who run websites that allow criminals to make themselves look reputable to have policies that mandate they must put a clear statement to say they have been convicted.

Their crimes should always be above their lies on the internet search engines.

Let’s Stand up against Criminals


To the criminal (Joseph Mark Wexler) who signed a plea agreement for illegally entering my home and vandalizing it I have the following rights (we will no longer be your victims I am tired of the years of your games so I am making the rules now – consider this my response to your latest actions)…

·       I have always told the truth unlike like your long history of lies, this website and the prior one contain the truth (fact backed with documentation) 

·       I can publish your signed plea bargain (I got it from the courts before your records were expunged – once a public record always a public record)

·       I have many of lies you committed documented (all those lies to the OCSD and the courts)

·       I can tell everyone I know not to hire you are the criminal & liar who did this to me (it is not liable it is fact with proof via you plea agreement with your signature, along with OCSD reports and videos and court transcripts showing your lies)

·       I can put you picture of you being arrested and handcuffed wherever I wish (that photo is my property and has been freely given to the public record) “this is the criminal who plead to illegally entering my home and vandalizing” (and I have the signed plea agreement)

·       I am in no way legally obligated to honor you expunging your crimes (that is only between you and the state of California)

·       I still have every record I kept and will forever

·       I still have the racist and lewd emails from your “friend”

·       I still have every video and email that I submitted to the OCSD regardless of how stupid it makes you look (that is part of the public record)

·       I still have your prior attempts to restrain me the victim from telling the truth via your lawyers paperwork

·       I still have the facts your lawyers tried to suppress (when you don’t like the truth, you can’t amend it – like the police reports)

·       I will decide when, where and who to release facts about you and you action in regards to me and my family under my terms

·       You committed the crime you deal with the costs (your crime, your cost)

·       I can post to every press release you put out “this man is a criminal don’t hire him, he broke into my home” my choice not yours because it will always be a fact

·       I have the right to notify anyone I want as to the fact you are the criminal who did this to me anywhere at any time (so does my family)

·       I have the right to know where and what the criminal who put fear in my family is up to (the is common sense personal security)

·       I will trace calls to anyone who calls me or my family and associates with you and report them to the police

·       I will never let you make up any more lies about me or my family

·       I will protect me and my family and our reputations but not on you terms

·       I will use continue to use the court of public opinion (internet) and common sense (it is most efficient for my time & money)


Think about that… Now maybe you might start to understand what you put my family through.

This is me protecting my family and reputation from you.


New Rules:


·       All of you or “friends” I will have the numbers traced and reported to the police

·       You will never communicate in any form (including verbal, gesture, legal, email or anything else) with me or my family again  (this includes your “friends”)

·       You will never lie about me or my family again

·       You will never hide the facts

·       You will leave immediately any place (virtual or physical) where me or my family happen to be even if you were there first (including schools, homes, internet sites or places of business)

·       I am the sole it interpreter of the rules you have no say


We are no longer going to be your victims.


Failure to follow these rules may have no warnings and will include further public notifications to a larger audience. I will decide where when and how to disseminate the facts. Options may include my own press releases, commenting on any of your posts, social media, and webpages as well as any additional resources.  Release may include your photo (public record), plea agreement (public record), and your lies (public records) unlike you all will be factual. I will and still need to protect my family from you and your lies.


 Stay far away from me and my family you criminal!

BTW, I can hire lawyers too if needed.


FACTS are never slander, liable, or perjury

I recommend everyone do a background check on ALL employees (all contractors and “consultants”)

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